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We offer a range of workshops to ensure that managers are properly equipped with the skills needed to manage their teams and deliver their performance objectives.  Increasingly the demands placed on managers mean that, not only have to be highly skilled in their specialty, but they must also be able to deal with the full range of people management situations that may arise.

The workshops that we offer are all tailored to your requirements and we take time to develop our workshops accordingly.  We discuss your needs in detail from the outset and involve you in identifying the training objectives and development of the workshop.

We can deliver at venues most suitable to you – either at your premises or an external training provider.  The workshops will always offer a range of learning techniques to accommodate the different ways in which people learn; the pace will always be dictated by the delegates and the subject matter.

Current workshops include the following:

  • Equality and Diversity including Bullying and Harassment/Dignity at Work – the full range of the protected characteristics, type of discrimination and harassment using case studies as tools for learning and discussion.
  • Carrying out discipline investigations;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • How to guidance covering discipline / grievance issues;
  • Managing a poor performer;
  • Managing absence and how to carry out an effective return to work interview;
  • Appraisal skills for Managers
  • Coaching Skills for Managers  
  • Employment law updates

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